About CharlieIntel: Editorial staff, standards and policies

About Us

CharlieIntel strives to bring you the best coverage of the most popular games. Although we continue to be the leading source for Call of Duty, you’ll also find news, expert guides, and reviews around the games that matter most to our audience: EA FC, Fortnite, Pokemon, Diablo, and more.

The CharlieIntel brand was founded back in 2011 and joined the Dexerto family in 2018. Supported by our huge community of over four million followers on Twitter/X, it has continued to grow from a Call of Duty blog to a comprehensive destination for gaming news and guides with over 20 writers publishing helpful and trending gaming content every day. 

It’s not just the games that matter to us, but the communities around them. We’re always on the pulse for the wider discussion around the games our audience cares about, whether that’s the top content creators or the players themselves.

Whether it’s Call of Duty, the most popular live-service games, or the most exciting new releases, you can find it on CharlieIntel.com. 

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For press releases, news tips, and CharlieIntel.com inquiries, email us at [email protected]. For any other inquiries, contact us here.



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Meet the Senior Management Team

CharlieIntel.com Editors

Editor: Liam Mackay

Liam joined CharlieIntel in 2020 as a staff writer. After graduating in Journalism in 2019, he freelanced for sites such as The Nerd Stash, Red Bull Gaming, and GAMINGbible before joining CharlieIntel full-time. 

First focusing on Call of Duty content while helping to build up other core categories such as Fortnite, he became Editor in January 2023 after a stint as a Senior Writer. 

Now leading a growing team of editors and writers, Liam works to help CharlieIntel reach new heights by continuing the expert coverage of its core games like Call of Duty, Pokemon, and EA FC while tackling new opportunities. 

Contact: [email protected] 

Evergreen Editor: Jacob Woodward

Jacob joined CharlieIntel as Evergreen Editor in 2024, having previously worked as an Editor at various media outlets such as GGRecon, Gamer Guides, WePC, PCGuide, and more.

He is the evergreen content lead on Charlieintel.com, covering guides, tips, tricks, and more on the latest games. Whether it is new content, or updating old pieces, he ensures these meet the quality standards CharlieIntel adheres to, as well as keeping the reader informed on the most up-to-date information available. This is an ethos he is instilling into the team as a whole, guaranteeing that any content released is of the highest quality.

He looks to also contribute to new evergreen content where possible with his specialist franchises being Call of Duty, Pokemon, and EA FC.

Contact: [email protected] 

Associate Editor: Luca Di Marzo

Luca’s journey at CharlieIntel began in 2021, assuming the role of Senior Writer on a fast-growing team. His deep-rooted passion for sports, esports, and gaming had already propelled him through impactful opportunities at OddsShark, Gamelevate, and H4X.

Initially joining CharlieIntel as a US Senior Writer, Luca took charge of crafting compelling content and guiding fellow writers within a compact yet swiftly evolving team focused on Call of Duty, EA Sports FC, Pokemon, and other prominent titles.

With the team’s ranks steadily growing, Luca’s responsibilities were amplified, prompting him to embrace a more expansive role. Now serving as Associate Editor, Luca orchestrates coverage during US hours, steering a group of dedicated writers as CharlieIntel’s influence reaches new heights.

Contact: [email protected] 

Senior Management

Tom East: Dexerto Editor in Chief (LinkedIn)

Keshav Bhat: Co-Founder and Head of Dexerto Gaming Social Media (LinkedIn)

Josh Nino: Dexerto Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder (LinkedIn)

Chris Marsh: Dexerto Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder (LinkedIn)

Mike Kent: Dexerto Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder (LinkedIn)

Nico Hulsmans: Dexerto Chief Monetisation Officer and Co-Founder (LinkedIn)

Ken Olsen: Dexerto VP of Marketing (LinkedIn)

Mike ‘Murph’ O’Reilly: Dexerto Head of Business Development (LinkedIn)

Adam Mills: Dexerto Head of HR (LinkedIn)

Lauren Hanley: Dexerto Head of Culture (LinkedIn)

Juan Pablo Mendez Tronge: SEO Manager (LinkedIn)

Dan Bulmer: Dexerto Head of Video Production (LinkedIn)

Editorial standards, disclosures & correction policy

CharlieIntel aims to reach the highest editorial standard when reporting on games and the people around them. Here are CharlieIntel’s policies on NDAs and embargoes, conflicts of interest, reviews, sourcing, corrections, and updates. 

NDAs and Embargoes

CharlieIntel strives to be a leading authority in the gaming space. To bring accurate information and publish expert content on the latest games, we are often required to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). When we sign an NDA, this means we have agreed not to reveal certain information before a certain date, enabling us to prepare content in advance. Breaking news, in-depth reviews, and comprehensive guides to help our readers get the most out of their new game could all fall under an NDA. As part of Dexerto, we are a global media organization, and while we do not break NDAs, we won’t sign one that lifts after a game has been released in another part of the world. CharlieIntel will never change our opinion because we have signed an NDA that gives us earlier access than other websites or publications. 

Reviews and Reviewers

CharlieIntel’s team members are gamers to the core and can be trusted to critically weigh up the pros and cons of the game they are assessing to give you an informative and justified review. Rest assured that no matter the game or genre, whether you agree with their opinion or not, we can guarantee they will be justified. 

We may get access to games ahead of release, letting us publish our review before launch to let you know everything you need to know before spending your money or time. We don’t always get that opportunity, so if we have access at the same time as everyone else, we’ll take the time to write a thorough review, and getting early access will not affect our writers’ opinions. 

CharlieIntel may also produce a review in progress. There may be times when we are only given access to one aspect of a game, such as the campaign mode for Call of Duty, and we will publish the single-player review before multiplayer arrives. 

Other times, games are so big that we will not be able to experience the full game ahead of embargo or launch, so will publish a review in progress to reflect what we have played so far. We will never rush a review to publish a score as soon as possible. 

Games are often kept updated with patches that fix bugs or adjust parts of the game, or new seasons that bring new content and change certain aspects. We won’t update our review score after each patch or change, but will sometimes review new seasons of the biggest live service games. We aim to keep our readers updated if any post-launch changes affect our opinion of a game that interests our audience. 

Review Process

We know our writers better than anyone and assign our reviews to the person most suited. A Call of Duty fan is the best person to review the latest release, and only someone who has kept up with FIFA can say whether the new EA Sports FC 24 compares to its predecessor.

Any writer who has a close personal relationship with a member of a company that makes a game we’re critiquing will not write the review. 

Once we’ve picked our reviewer, they will have the time to form an opinion on the game they’re reviewing and rate it with a score out of five. An editor will check the review to ensure it’s error-free and the score matches what has been said in the text. Although the score may be discussed, the reviewer has spent the most time with the game and the score or tone of a review will not be changed by committee. The score gives a quick overview of the quality of the game and whether it might be worth spending your money and time on. 

Our reviewers can only score a game by considering how enjoyable it is and how it compares to other games on the market at the time it’s reviewed. If we give a sports game a high score but the following year’s game is better, we wouldn’t go back and lower the score or inflate the score of the new game. The full picture can be found in the review’s text. 

While we consider value for money when reviewing games, quality is the most important factor. We wouldn’t score an average game higher because it’s cheap – it would still be an average game no matter the price. However, if we feel a game’s content doesn’t match its price, that may be considered in the review. 

Review Scores

We currently score games out of 5. Here’s what each score means:

5: Great

4: Very Good

3: Good

2: Below Average

1. Poor

A score doesn’t give the complete picture but we understand their importance in the review process. The consumer is our priority so we will never consider advertising, sponsorship deals, or future access to products when reviewing a game. 

Our review scores and opinions may be shared with publishers to use on their marketing materials but we will not alter our reviews or their scores for publicity. 

Conflicts of Interest

Some of CharlieIntel’s employees may have worked at companies, or with employees of companies, that produce or promote products we write about. Further, employees may leave CharlieIntel to join these companies. Our editors work to ensure there are no conflicts of interest while considering our resources and the content being produced. If one of CharlieIntel’s writers has previously worked at a company we cover, we aim to ensure another writer or employee handles the coverage.

Our writers establish professional relationships with people at companies who develop, publish, and promote the games we cover. If they ever develop a close personal relationship or have familial ties, they must disclose it to their editor, who will decide whether this relationship affects their impartiality. 

Content Coverage

CharlieIntel publishes a wide variety of content such as news, reviews, features, interviews, tips, and guides. Some of the information in our reports will be from publishers and studios through press releases or their media channels. Other times, we will publish information from other sources to ensure our coverage is comprehensive and in-depth. We work to verify information from a source through additional sources. We will also protect the identity of any source who wishes to remain anonymous, but they will need to prove their identity to editorial staff. 

We will also publish information that has been revealed by another outlet or content creator and will always credit and provide a link to the source. We will also credit images to the creator or publisher who supplied them. 

Before we report on any information that’s not in the public domain, we will contact the parties involved to attempt to get a comment. 

While we report rumors and leaked information, we always make sure it comes from a reliable source and will contact companies involved so they have the opportunity to verify or deny the information. 

Corrections and Updates

CharlieIntel publishes hundreds of articles per week and many require updating to ensure the information is relevant and up to date. This could be adding new information to a developing news story or new tips for a game following an update. 

We will also correct factual errors that are made in a story. To be transparent with our audience, we will add a note at the bottom of the article explaining the error and what it has been changed to. If a factual error should fundamentally change the article’s meaning, we will update the piece with the new information and explain the previous error at the beginning of the page.

In general, we do not remove content from CharlieIntel.com. On a rare occasion, usually involving legal matters, we may have to remove an article from the website. When this happens, there will be an editor’s note in place of the original article explaining why it was removed.