Can you get a Nuke in Warzone Mobile?

Nathan Warby
Nuke detonating on Verdansk in Warzone

Warzone Mobile features many of the features and guns found in the console and PC version, but has the game-ending Champion’s Quest made its way across? Here’s everything you need to know about getting a Nuke in Warzone Mobile.

Warzone Mobile has enjoyed a successful launch so far, bringing back the Verdansk map as well as most of the features players recognize from the console and PC versions. But since the feature was added to both Rebirth Island and Vondel, you might wonder whether you can call in a Nuke to secure an instant win.

Here’s everything you need to know about whether you can call in a Nuke through the Champion’s Quest in Warzone Mobile.

Does Warzone Mobile have Champion’s Quest?

No, there is currently no Champion’s Quest in Warzone Mobile, meaning calling in a Nuke is impossible. However, the devs released a teaser for the feature on May 19, hinting that it’s set to be added in an upcoming update.

When does Nuke arrive in Warzone Mobile?

The Nuke Contract will arrive in Warzone Mobile on Wednesday, May 29, alongside the Season 4 patch. This was confirmed by a teaser shared by the devs that was captioned “Survey Team 0529: MIA,” revealing the release date.

We expect to get more details once the first developer blog for the update is posted.

How to get a Nuke in Warzone Mobile

The Warzone Mobile devs haven’t confirmed how players will be able to earn a Nuke, but we expect it to involve completing the Champion’s Quest. Based on regular Warzone, this will be unlocked after winning five matches in a row or winning 30 matches across the season.

Although the exact steps haven’t been revealed just yet, it’s likely to look something like this:

  1. Once you’ve earned the Contract and picked it up in-game, two countdown timers will begin – one for the first element to drop and another to complete the entire Quest.
  2. Reduce the latter timer by getting kills, opening Supply Bloxes, performing executions, and more.
  3. Once the countdown hits zero, a supply drop containing the first element required to assemble the bomb will drop. You can add this to our inventory by simply walking up to it and interacting with it.
  4. Repeat the process for the remaining two elements.
  5. Once all three elements have been collected, the Nuke site will appear on your map.
  6. Head over to the device and interact to place the elements and arm it.
  7. You’ll then need to defend it for two minutes, as enemy teams will be alerted that a Nuke is in play and they have the opportunity to disarm or steal it.
  8. Once the timer hits zero, the Nuke will detonate and bring the match to an end – granting you an instant win.

Not only will completing the Champion’s Quest earn you the win, but we also expect to come with new rewards, including an exclusive Nuke skin.

That was everything we know about the Nuke coming to Warzone Mobile. We’ll be sure to update this page with more details once we know more.

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