Best guns in Warzone Mobile Season 3 Reloaded: Every WZM weapon ranked

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Warzone Mobile has a ton of powerful weapons players can choose from. So, to help you select the best ones, we raked every WZM weapon and counted down the top picks to use in Season 3 Reloaded.

Warzone Mobile Season 3 Reloaded is in full swing, bringing a ton of new content. However, just like the PC and console version, to rack up as many kills and wins you’ll need the best guns and loadouts.

We’ve ranked all the weapons in a Warzone Mobile within a tier list from best to worst and counted down the top 10 picks you should use.

Best Warzone Mobile guns: Ranked tier list

Here’s a tier list with every Warzone Mobile weapon ranked from best to worst:

TiersWarzone Mobile guns
SDG-58 LSW, WSP-9, WSP Swarm, KATT-AMR, RAM-9, MTZ-556, XRK Stalker, SVA 545, Holger 556, Striker 9, BP50, SOA Subverter, HRM-9, Lockwood 680, MCW
ACOR-45, Rival-9, Striker, Renetti, RAAL MG, Chimera, M4, ISO 45, X13 Auto, MCPR-300, Sakin MG38, Lachmann Sub, RPK, BAS-B, TAQ Eradicator, Vaznev-9k, ISO 9mm, TAQ 56, TR-76 Geist, FJX Horus, RAM-7, TAQ Evolvere, AMR9, Holger 26, Bruen Mk9
BFR 5.56, KVD Enforcer, WSP Stinger, Lachmann-556, M13B, BAS-P, RAPP H, Tempus Razorback, STB 556, KV Broadside, PDSW 528, FJX Imperium, SP-X 80, 556 Icarus, P890, Kastov 545, Kastov-74u, Victus XMR, Fennec 45, SO-14, MTZ-762, Signal 50, Kastov 762, DG-56, VEL 46
CHaymaker, Riveter, Longbow, TYR, MX Guardian, Lockwood 300, FR Avancer, Lachmann-762, FSS Hurricane, HCR 56, Carrack .300, FTAC Siege, Minibak, Bryson 800, RPG-7, Riot Shield, MX9, TAQ-M, Lachmann Shroud, Soulrender, Cronen Squall, Gladiator, MTZ Interceptor, Pulemyot 762, ISO Hemlock, TAQ-V, MCW 6.8, KV Inhibitor, DM56
DKarambit, Gutter Knife, Tempus Torrent, Stormender, RGL-80, M13C, Lockwood MK2, LM-S, SP-R 208, FTAC Recon, Strela-P, Basilisk, X12 Handgun, JOKR, .50 GS, GS Magna, Crossbow, Pickaxe, Dual Kodachis, Tonfa, PILA, Combat Knife, M16, LA-B 330, Expedite 12, Bryson 890, SA-B 50, Dual Kamas, 9mm Daemon, Sidewinder, EBR-14

Keep in mind that the weapons listed in each tier are not arranged in any specific order.

Best meta guns in Warzone

10. SOA Subverter

Warzone Mobile SOA Subverter
The VEL 46 is a great option to cover short distances in Warzone Mobile.

After dominating Warzone’s PC and console version, the SOA Subverter claims the tenth spot in Warzone Mobile’s best guns list. This Battle Rifle has great damage and a range that allows it to easily kill enemies.

While it isn’t as powerful as many players may recall, it’s still a popular pick to dominate Verdansk and Rebirth Island.

9. Lockwood 680

Warzone Mobile Lockwood 680
The Lockwood 680 is deadly in close-range combat in Warzone Mobile.

Occasionally, easy-to-use Shotguns gain popularity within Warzone, and that stays true with the Lockwood 680 in WZM. This powerful gun has exceptional damage and range, capable of one-shotting enemies up close.

While it might take a little work to dominate it when hipfiring, if you’re precise, this Shotgun will allow you to go toe-to-toe against several powerful SMGs.

8. RAM-9

Warzone Mobile RAM-9
The RAM-9 holds an exceptional fire rate in Warzone Mobile.

If you want to excel at close-range combat, the RAM-9 is the perfect choice in Warzone Mobile. This SMG boasts an outstanding fire rate, excellent mobility, and competitive damage, proving great for Rebirth Island and Verdansk.

7. KATT-AMR – Best Sniper Rifle in Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile KATT-AMR
The KATT-AMR is a reliable one-shot Sniper in Warzone Mobile.

Looking for a Sniper to dominate the long ranges within Verdnask? Then the KATT-AMR is perfect for you. Despite being classified as clunky due to its heavy nature, this weapon has excellent range, damage, and bullet speed that allows one-shot enemies from afar.

While it wasn’t most players’ preferred choice in previous seasons, I noticed the KATT-AMR is the excellent pick to effortlessly kill opponents in WZM – the reason why it claimed the best Sniper Rifle in Warzone Mobile spot in Season 3 Reloaded.

7. Striker 9

Warzone Mobile Striker 9
The Striker 9 has outstanding mobility in Warzone Mobile, especially in Rebirth Island.

A rapid-firing gun remains highly sought after in Warzone, and the Striker 9 can accomplish this. With its great damage output, fire rate, and outstanding mobility, this SMG establishes itself as a challenging gun on close ranges. While the WSP Swarm feels better overall, you shouldn’t sleep on this gun.

5. SVA 545

Warzone Mobile SVA 545
The SVA 545 was previously the best gun in Warzone Mobile at launch.

The SVA 545 is a popular pick in Warzone Mobile given its user-friendly nature, low recoil, and outstanding damage output in mid to long ranges. Along with being one of the first to be unlocked, this AR is my all-time favorite allowing me to easily pick up enemies from afar.

5. WSP Swarm

Warzone Mobile WSP Swarm
The WSP Swarm has a blistering fire rate to dominate close-range in Warzone Mobile.

If you’re looking for a fast and easy-to-use SMG, then the WSP Swarm should be your pick. When equipped with the right attachments, this gun can become deadly from up close, allowing you to dominate Rebirth Island’s close-range fights.

3. DG-58 LSW – Best LMG in Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile DG-58 LSW
The DG-58 LSW has excellent range and damage.

When playing Warzone Mobile, having an LMG like the DG-58 LSW can be a great bet. Following its popularity rise in Warzone’s PC and console version, this LMG also claimed a favored pick in WZM. It has excellent damage and range, which combined with its huge magazine will allow you to easily rack up kills.

2. MTZ-556

Warzone Mobile MTZ 556
The MTZ-556 is easy to use and has great damage output at long ranges.

Following the usual AR dominance in Warzone, the MTZ-556 has claimed the second-best spot in Warzone Mobile’s list thanks to its high damage and incredible range. This Assault Rifle is easy to use, and with the right combination of attachments, it can become an ideal option.

1. BP50 – Best gun in Warzone Mobile

Warzone Mobile BP50
The BP50 is crowned the best weapon to use in Warzone Mobile Season 3 Reloaded.

Similar to the PC version, the BP50 has claimed the spot of the Best gun in Warzone Mobile. This gun boasts incredible damage, and an impressive firing rate, allowing you to easily kill enemies from long ranges.

This Assault Rifle is also incredibly versatile, allowing you to turn it into a powerful SMG by equipping the JAK Revenger Conversion Kit to cover close-range combat.

Those were the best guns in Warzone Mobile, including a ranking of every gun within the game. For more on Warzone Mobile, be sure to check out our other guides:

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