How to fix low FPS issues & stuttering in Warzone Mobile

Aakash Regmi
Operators running in Warzone Mobile

For any competitive game like Warzone Mobile, FPS issues and lags will only make for a frustrating play session. Here are some remedies that you can try to make WZM run a little smoother. 

Activision’s popular battle royale is now on mobile with the release of Warzone Mobile, but it hasn’t been a particularly smooth start. Its Play Store reviews keep plummeting as players continue to complain about performance issues. 

While some of these issues can’t be helped with unless developers roll out a patch, you can try a few things here and there for more stable performance. Here is all that you need to keep in check. 

Use the best settings for Warzone Mobile

If you’re getting choppy frames and blurry visuals in Warzone Mobile, make sure to first check out the best settings. Most of these settings depend on your hardware, the more capable you have, the higher you can crank, and likewise, the lowest for less powerful devices. 

Change FPS and Visual Quality settings

Generally, it is best to have uncapped settings in Warzone Mobile, but if you’re seeing too many dips, depending on your device keep it at either locked 60 or 30 FPS

The same applies to graphics settings as well. Depending on the device, you may be locked out of certain graphic settings, and have only two or so options. Try to keep Visual Quality as low as you can if you are not getting a stable performance.

Likewise, make sure to select “Framerate” in the “Performance Optimization For” setting.

Verdansk dam in Warzone Mobile
In case you have weaker hardware, upgrading the device might be the best option.

Check Warzone Mobile system requirements and see if you meet them

Regardless of the many issues players are experiencing, Warzone Mobile is a demanding game. So, even if it were optimized you’ll need to make sure you’re in line with the requirements.

You may already receive an “Unknown GPU Error” if you’re trying to download and play Warzone Mobile on an unsupported or unoptimized GPU. But still, there may be instances where you will be able to download the game despite your device not being powerful, so keep in check with the requirements.  

Free up storage

One other thing you need to make sure of is that you’re not capping your storage to play Warzone Mobile. Keep some room on your device, as well as make sure no other apps are running in the background when you’re playing the game. 

Also, try to keep your device up to date with the latest software update.

Reinstall Warzone Mobile

Uninstalling and reinstalling Warzone Mobile may improve performance, especially if your device is well over the recommended setting and you’re still having performance issues. But it is a last resort, as this is just the classic method of turning things on and off, and it will work only if there are any errors in previous installations. 

That’s all you can do to make sure Warzone runs smoothly. In our experience, as there are limited settings to tinker with, only changes in FPS and Visual Quality settings will make the most difference if everything else is fine, like storage and requirements. 

Developers will continue to push updates, so the performance is likely to get better over time. Until then, for more on Warzone Mobile, check out: 

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