Best settings for Warzone Mobile Season 3: Graphics, audio, more

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To dominate Warzone Mobile in Season 3 you’ll need to adjust your graphics and audio settings to make the experience as smooth as possible. So, here are the best settings to run in Warzone Mobile.

Warzone Mobile Season 3 is in full swing offering players a ton of new content to explore, including new weapons, modes, and rewards.

It’s important to ensure that your graphics and audio settings are up to scratch for the smoothest possible gameplay. With this in mind, here are the best settings to use in Warzone Mobile.

Best graphics settings in Warzone Mobile

Check out the best graphics settings for Warzone Mobile Season 3 below:

  • Visual quality: Peak
  • Performance optimization for: Frame rate
  • Allow hi-res asset streaming over mobile data plan: Yes
  • Max framerate/FPS: 60
  • Field of view: 90

When it comes to the graphics settings in Season 3, you’ll want to have the clearest view of the map possible. This is why we recommend prioritizing framerate over battery, but capping the FPS at 60 so it’s not constantly changing during a match.

You should also turn the FOV up to the maximum of 90, as this will let you see more of the map at once, giving you the best possible chance to spot an enemy in the corner of your screen and react.

Of course, these settings will vary depending on how powerful the phone you’re playing Warzone Mobile on is, as well as your data plan. Ultimately, it’s about choosing the settings that suit you and your device.

Best audio settings in Warzone Mobile

To help you hear footsteps clearly, here are the best Warzone Mobile Season 3 audio settings:

  • Master game volume: 100
  • Gameplay music volume: 0
  • Dialogue volume: 100
  • Effects volume: 100
  • Juggernaut music: Off
  • MOTD volume: 100
  • Voice chat: Off

The best audio settings in Warzone Mobile Season 3 will ensure that you only hear sounds that are useful in a match. With this in mind, music is switched off so you can concentrate on listening to footsteps or other key information.

The in-game announcer will inform you and your squad on the latest developments, such as when the gas is closing in or a Killstreak is heading your way, so we advise leaving that on but feel free to adjust the volume if you prefer it slightly lower in the mix.

When it comes to voice chat, we’ve opted to turn it off as it can prove distracting for solo players, but if you plan on squadding up it’s best to enable it so you can communicate.

How to change settings in Warzone Mobile

To change your settings in Warzone Mobile Season 3, simply tap the gear symbol on the top right-hand corner of the screen. This can be done at any time from the pre-match menus and will bring up options for controls, graphics, audio, language, and more.

From there, select the settings you want to adjust and they’ll be saved for all future matches. All players have their personal preferences, so be sure to play around with them to find the setup that works for you.

Those were the best settings for Warzone Mobile. For more, be sure to check out our other guides:

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