Warzone Mobile Golden Week Seeing Yokai event: Rewards, Golden Plunder, more

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Warzone Mobile Operator in Golden Week Oni Daimyo skin

Warzone Mobile released Seeing Yokai, a special weekly event in celebration of Japan’s Golden Week. Here’s everything we know about the Warzone Mobile Golden Week event, including all the rewards up for grabs.

Warzone Mobile players have been spoiled with content during Season 3, and the mid-season update expanded the offerings even further, introducing the new Golden Week: Seeing Yokai event boasting a ton of free rewards and Japanese-themed content to enjoy.

Here’s everything we know about WZM’s Seeing Yokai event, from how it works to the rewards available.

Warzone Mobile Golden Week Seeing Yokai end date

Warzone Mobile’s Golden Week: Seeing Yokai event arrived on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, coinciding with the Season 3 Reloaded update release, and will remain available until May 9, 2024.

Warzone Mobile Golden Week Seeing Yokai event explained

Warzone Mobile Golden Week is a holiday-themed event that’s set to be a recurring feature within the game. The first of these is Seeing Yokai, an event inspired by Japanese folklore where players can earn Event Points to unlock free rewards.

These can be accumulated naturally by playing regular matches or the new Golden Plunder mode. Below are all the event actions players can do to earn Event Points (EP) during Warzone Mobile’s Golden Week: Seeing Yokai.

  • Golden Plunder
    • Deposit $250,000 to Fulton – 100 EP
    • Deposit $500,000 to Helipad –  250 EP
    • Loot $50,000 – 200 EP
    • Complete any contract – 1500 EP
  • Battle Royale
    • Open any Supply Box – 50 EP
  • Multiplayer
    • Use any Killstreak – 300 EP
    • Get Kills – 50 EP

What is Warzone Mobile Golden Plunder mode?

As part of the Warzone Golden Week Seeing Yokai event, players can jump into the Golden Plunder limited-time mode, an alternative version of Plunder that tasks teams with racking up gold by “eliminating enemies, looting Supply Crates, and completing Contracts.” The team with the most gold once the timer runs out is declared the winner.

The main difference is that “golden bricks” are also scattered around the map, speeding up how quickly rewards are unlocked.

Warzone Mobile Golden Week: Seeing Yokai rewards

The Warzone Mobile devs revealed all the free rewards up for grabs during the Golden Week: Seeing Yokai event by raking up Event Points (EP), check out all of them below:

  • “Koinobori Dream” Calling Card – 300 EP
  • Arsenal Coins – 1,000 EP
  • “Hopeful Tides” Emblem – 10,000 EP
  • Arsenal Coins – 40,000 EP
  • “Grumpy Growler” Weapon Sticker – 70,000 EP
  • Arsenal Coins – 100,000 EP
  • “Stealth Blossom” Combat Knife Weapon Blueprint – 130,000 EP
  • Arsenal Coins – 165,000 EP
  • “Shogun’s Harmony” Lockwood 300 Weapon Blueprint – 200,000 EP

On top of all this, the event brings the Yokai’s Elegance Keep, where players have the chance to earn even more rewards, such as the Oni Daimyo Operator and Yokai’s Elegance Blueprint for the Vaznev-9k.

That was everything we know about Warzone Mobile Golden Week. For more on the game, be sure to check out our other WZM guides:

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