How to level up fast in Warzone Mobile Season 3: Weapons, rank, Battle Pass

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Warzone Mobile Operators in Rebirth Island

Warzone Mobile’s Season 3 has a ton of exciting content that players can unlock. So, if you’re wondering how to level up your weapon, rank, and Battle Pass fast in the game, here are some quick XP grind methods to use.

Warzone Mobile Season 3 is in full swing introducing a ton of content like weapons and cosmetic content. However, if you’re looking to secure all these free rewards, you’ll have to be as fast as possible taking advantage of the game’s different efficient strategies to farm XP.

With that in mind, we put together the best XP methods to level up your weapons, rank, and Battle Pass fast in Warzone Mobile Season 3.

Fastest ways to level up weapons & rank in Warzone Mobile

Play multiplayer & Resurgence

Despite Warzone Mobile being the mobile version of the free battle royale, the game features a compact version of MW3’s multiplayer and Resurgence.

The fast-paced modes offer a more engaging experience compared to the traditional Battle Royale. It allows you to accumulate XP at a rapid pace, leveraging shorter match durations, therefore providing plenty of match opportunities.

Double Weapon XP tokens & events

With numerous weapon and rank levels to progress through, optimizing the process by utilizing Double XP tokens and events can significantly quicken the leveling process.

For the Double XP tokens, if you played Warzone’s PC and console versions, you’ll have the ones you earned available right away once you link your Activision account.

As for the Double XP events, you can check our 2XP event guide to know when devs activate a Double XP Weekend or you can check the in-game section in the game’s menu. This will save you tokens and allow you to level up weapons, rank, and even Operator level.

Complete contracts

Another great way to level up weapons and rank is by completing Contracts in the game. Focus on selecting passive Contracts such as Scavenger, Supply Run, and Recon, which do not require direct engagement with enemies.

Additionally, aim to complete various Contracts in the same match, as they provide substantial XP rewards.

Shoot the Ship playlist

We talked about taking advantage of Warzone Mobile’s multiplayer mode before but playing on the Shoot the Ship playlist is on another level, as this Shipment and Shoot House MP playlist is just pure chaos and non-stop action.

Thanks to the small size maps, engaging with enemies will be extremely easy allowing you to get massive amounts of XP per match.

How to level up Warzone Mobile Battle Pass fast

Speeding Warzone Mobile’s Battle Pass leveling-up process is crucial. Therefore, modes such as Plunder and Rebirth Resurgence offer faster-paced gameplay, enabling you to accumulate a ton of XP rapidly and maximize your earnings.

There you have it, that’s how you can level up fast in Warzone Mobile, including the best XP grind methods. For more content on the game, be sure to check out our other guides:

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