How to get a Nuke on Vondel in Warzone: Champion’s Quest contract

Liam Mackay
Material Handler Operator skin Warzone Vondel

Warzone reintroduced the Nuke contract to Vondel, allowing players to get exclusive rewards. Here’s how to complete the Warzone Vondel Champion’s Quest and all the rewards available.

Warzone Season 3 Reloaded is in full swing bringing plenty of content players can enjoy, including the Champion’s Quest for Vondel. This contract allows players to call in a Nuke on the fan-favorite Resurgence map.

Here’s how to complete Vondel’s Champion’s Quest in Warzone Season 3 Reloaded, along with all the rewards you can get for calling in a Nuke.

How to complete Vondel Nuke Champion’s Quest in Warzone

Vondel map in Warzone
During Season 2 Reloaded, the Nuke Champion’s Quest contract was available on Vondel Battle Royale.

To complete the Vondel Nuke Champion’s Quest contract in Warzone, players must win five matches in a row on Vondel Resurgence or win 30 matches in an entire season.

Only then can they access the Champion’s Quest contract to complete. Here are all the steps you’ll need to complete:

  1. Win 30 games total within a season or win five consecutive matches in Vondel.
  2. Upon entering the match you’ll see the Champion’s Quest contract. When activated, you’ll need to reduce the 6-minute countdown by getting Kills, Assists, Finishing Moves, and Interrogations, and interacting with Buy Stations and Loot Caches. Once the timer ends, a Supply Box will drop including the Beryllium element, which reveals your location to all enemies in the match.
  3. Then, you’ll be required to follow the same steps to get the Neptunium element, which delivers high-voltage shocks, and the Tritium element, which disables radar and vehicles.
  4. After getting the three elements, wait for the Nuke site to be revealed, and then deposit the elements and arm the bomb. Be sure to prevent any player from stealing it and stopping you from completing it.
  5. After activating it, you must safeguard the Nuke for 2 minutes until its detonation. Completing it will trigger a cinematic sequence that concludes the match, results in the destruction of Vondel, and crowns you the winner of the Warzone match.

Warzone Vondel Nuke Champion’s Quest rewards

The five exclusive rewards you’ll get by completing the Vondel Nuke Champion’s Quest in Warzone are the same that you can get by doing so on Fortune’s Keep and Rebirth Island.

Here are all the rewards you can earn by completing the Champion’s Quest in Warzone Vondel:

  • Engine Light’s On (Weapon Camo)
  • Material Handler (Operator Skin)
  • Champion Banner (Animated Calling Card)
  • Master Procrastinator (Weapon Charm)
  • Alpha Particles (Weapon Sticker)
Warzone Fortune's Keep Champion's Quest Nuke rewards
These rewards are only available to those who complete the Champion’s Quest.

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