Diablo 4 skill tree builder: How to plan builds early

Nathan Warby
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Diablo 4 players will spend hundreds of hours perfecting their builds, but planning out their skill points ahead of release will give them a significant advantage. Here’s how to plan your Diablo 4 build early.

Diablo 4 is finally set to arrive on June 6, giving players a lengthy campaign to work through before they reach the seemingly neverending endgame content. With challenging boss fights and missions around every corner, coming up with the right build for your character is vital.

While early access lets players begin leveling up their character ahead of time, choosing the right way to spend skill points is essential for honing in on a specific playstyle. Luckily, there is a way to start mapping out your path through the skill tree before Diablo 4’s release.

Here’s how to plan your Diablo 4 character build early, from skills points to Nodes.

Diablo 4 skill tree planner explained

Diablo 4 players can head to d4planner.io to begin experimenting with character builds ahead of the game’s full release. While Blizzard have not provided the feature through official channels, this third-party website features the complete skill tree of all five character classes.

Whether you want to be a tanky Barbarian or a magic-wielding Sourcerer, d4planner.io lets players map out a path through the skill tree, allowing them to see how their character will evolve with each new skill point spent.

Barbarian in Diablo 4
Each class has a specific playstyle in Diablo 4.

It also keeps track of how your stats will increase based on the different Nodes and Aspects applied, so you can tailor exactly how you want to develop your character from start to finish.

Diablo 4 lets players create multiple characters aside from their main hero, and the planner also supports multiple saves. So, you can map out a bunch of different builds for alt characters that you might use when different friends join your party.

Of course, there’s no obligation to stick with the build you’ve created once you get your hands on Diablo 4 for the first time, but with so many skills and abilities to choose from, players might benefit from having a pre-planned guide.

Whether you’re a Diablo veteran who’s already got a build in mind, or a newcomer looking to make life easier when the game arrives, then d4planner.io could be a valuable tool.

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