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Even though Diablo 4 has seen dozens of patches deployed for balancing in the game, Gems have always been a major aspect of every build. With Season 4 now live, players want to tweak their builds, so here’s everything you need to know about Gems in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4‘s Season 4 update has brought a ton of changes to how loot, crafting, and upgrading your gear works, and Gems got a significant update too.

Upgrading has been removed in a way, and now you can craft Gems instead using special materials. So, if you want to know how to craft Gems in Diablo 4, here is everything you need to know.

What are Gems in Diablo 4?

Gems are items that give you stat buffs to armor, weapons, and jewelry in Diablo 4. You can craft and salvage Gems when visiting a Jeweler.

The Jeweler is unlocked at Level 15, and you can craft Gems by finding Gem Fragments across Sanctuary. You can also salvage and add sockets for Gems when visiting a Jeweler.

Jewelers can be found in all five major towns of Sanctuary, and you can identify them by the gem icon on your map.

Diablo 4 map
You can find a Jeweler by locating this symbol on your map.

All Gem types in Diablo 4

There are seven types of Gems that you can collect in Diablo 4, and all of them provide different bonuses to your weapon, armor, and jewelry:

GemWeapon BonusArmor BonusJewelry Bonus
RubyBuffs Overpower DamageBuffs Maximum LifeBuffs Fire Resistance
SapphireBuffs Critical Strike DamageIncreases WillpowerBuffs Cold Resistance
TopazBuffs Basic Skill DamageIncreases IntelligenceBuffs Lightning Resistance
EmeraldBuffs Vulnerable DamageIncreases DexterityBuffs Poison Resistance
AmethystBuffs Damage dealt over timeIncreases StrengthBuffs Shadow Resistance
DiamondBuffs Ultimate Skill DamageBuffs Barrier generationBuffs Resistance to all Elements
SkullHealth regenerates after killsBuffs Healing amount receivedBuffs all Armor Stats

All Gem qualities in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 has four different Gem qualities, and each of them require a different character level to craft. Here are the Gem qualities and their levels:

  • Chipped Gems: Level 15
  • Normal Gems: Level 30
  • Flawless Gems: Level 45
  • Royal Gems: Level 60

How to craft Gems in Diablo 4

You can craft Gems by finding Gem fragments in Diablo 4’s world and using them to craft Gems at a Jeweler in Sanctuary.

Gem fragments can be used to craft Gems of all different types. Here are the costs for each type of Gem’s quality:

Gem qualityCost
Chipped10 Fragments
1,000 Gold
Normal100 Fragments
10,000 Gold
Flawless1,000 Fragments
100,000 Gold
Royal10,000 Fragments
1,000,000 Gold

Each different quality of Gem still gives you the same effects for armor, weapons, and jewelry depending on where you slot it. The only difference is that the effects become better between Chipped and Royal quality Gems.

For example, a Chipped Amethyst gives you +6 Strength when you slot it in your armor, but a Royal Amethyst gives you a +27 Strength bonus.

How to add Gem sockets in Diablo 4

You can add Gem sockets in Diablo 4 by using Scattered Prisms, Gold and visiting a Jeweler.

You only need one Scattered Prism to unlock a Gem socket, and you can find them while you adventure in Sanctuary, but you will most likely find them on World bosses.

Unsocketing Gems

Gems can be removed from sockets for Gold, and this process does not destroy the Gem. You can then use these Gems to break them down into Gem Fragments, or use the Gem in a different piece of gear.

You can also salvage Gems from gear, but this will immediately turn them into Gem fragments by destroying the Gem.

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